Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gambling Freedom

Even though Ohio has now uprooted their prohibition of Gambling (even though they allowed the Government Gambling Monopoly, the "Ohio Lottery").

We still have to fight stupid laws that make gambling businesses hard to open and try to push for easier and cheaper solutions to get more and more casinos in Ohio.

This would mean we need to fight against Ohio House Bill 386 which is just waiting for Gov. John Kasich's signature as this bill restricts the word "casino" in advertising. This idiotic bill completely breaks the Ohio Constitution (Article 1, Section 11).

Free speech is free speech; and this bill is completely murdering a Casino's free speech.

Ohio House Bill 386 is the complete opposite of a free market.

Maybe we should think of completely privatizing the Ohio Lottery and making a free system to try to create an economic boom.

I will fight for businesses, and will try to clear regulations that make businesses hard to open.

With Freedom,
Brandon Immel

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