Thursday, December 27, 2012

Marijuana helps veterans with PTSD

Times Reporter
Recreational marijuana is now legal in some states; and this is a great and wonderful thing for United States’ citizens, because finally, the federal government isn’t getting its wish on the majority of citizens. That doesn’t mean the federal government won’t try though; the federal government will still fight the citizens on their own decisions and will show just how divided the United States is from its government and the people.

Marijuana cures cancer, and it is the only cure for PTSD that doesn’t have suicide as a side-effect.

With all this said, the federal government still will fight against marijuana use. Whether it is medical or recreational; whether it is curing people or not. Marijuana legalization or complete decriminalization should be a major issue for all politicians because it would show that they actually care about cancer patients and veterans. If they fight against marijuana, then they are against the veterans and cancer patients, and can never say they are for them.

In 2014, I am running for Ohio’s 98th District state representative and the cancer patients and veterans are going to be represented instead of ignored.

With Liberty, Brandon Immel

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