Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Suspended My Campaign

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and have come to the conclusion to suspend my campaign. For those wanting me to stay in the fight and still run for Ohio's 98th District State Representative; you can message me and I'll give it more thought.
I have suspended my campaign for the reasonings that I believe one politician cannot achieve the issues at hand that need to be changed.

Also my political thoughtlines are to the point to where I believe Government is the problem. And I refuse to be a part of it for that reason.

It will do no good for me to run and win and then have to stand in Government and see the atrocities that will not change.

I will be doing my best with my time to awaken people to the idea that our Government is the problem in this country.

I believe Ohio should succed from the Union unless the USA shall reinstate the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution of the United States replaced the Articles of Conversation without the representation for the people. The act of the Constitution was therefore a criminal act and is invalid.

Ohio became a State in the 1950's (the U.S. Government forgot to finalize it till then) and I believe we should yet again separate from their grasp.

I am sorry for all those who wanted me to run, and wanted freedom in Ohio. I feel you all should understand and see exactly why I suspended my campaign.

I can't be the only Politician in Ohio who wants freedom, and actually achieve it. Freedom is your right, and the Government of the U.S. and Ohio can't ever take that from you.

Our Governments are invalid when they take away your rights. So be free, and always fight for liberty.

With Liberty, Brandon Immel

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