Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I find one thing that the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party can agree on is lobbying; and they agree that all politicians are usually bought for by Lobbyist Groups, and they want that to change.

Lobbyists are of course legal, but I find them unethical; as I see a lobbyist as a company controlling the Government.

I will never be bought by Lobbyist. Out of the 308 Lobbyist Groups that just prey on Ohio State Representatives, I will be bought by none.

I will even most likely make these lobbyists mad, as I will usually vote against their bills (unless as a shock; the bill limits government and makes it better for Ohioans).

I will also help the Ohio Budget, and try to help get legislation through the Ohio Representatives to do real cuts (which is another reason, we can't be bought by lobbyists).

So vote for a real Politician, that is not bought for. Vote for the change we need; Vote For Me, If you WANT FREEDOM NOW!!!

Sincerely, Brandon Immel

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