Friday, March 30, 2012

The Police State Will Be Stopped!!!

Let's Stop The Police State!!!

As Representative I will stop the Police State and Martial Law from reaching the 98th District and work with others to help remove it from the state entirely.

Stopping the Police State and Martial Law is very important. It is important, because the Police State and Martial Law will kill our rights as citizens.

By Stopping the Police State means to repeal the Ohio Patriot Act and to bring ourselves back into the great land we use to be.

Protesting (Occupying) is a right, and I will fight for our RIGHTS. Our rights are clearly seen in the U.S. Constitution and the Ohio Constitution.


This is my Campaign Slogan, as the people who will vote for me in 2014 will be showing the Establishment this fact.

I am a candidate for change and restoration to the beginning of our nation. Which at that time the Government had no aggression toward the people and let them speak freely.

Our Liberties are to be protected by the Government, not killed by unconstitutional laws. My campaign will be focused on reviving Liberty in Ohio once again.

Brandon Immel

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