Friday, March 23, 2012

Weed Freedom!!!

If elected into the State House, I will make legislation that will Free Weed.

That is right when I say "We Want Freedom Now!!!", I mean freedom to do anything.

The State Government or the Federal Government has no right to force us not to smoke weed.

Weed is a herb, not a hard drug.

We are now seeing the results from Prohibition. When we had Prohibition in the 1920's, the alcohol reach the hands of our children and the hands of the people anyway (It was just more dangerous and expensive).

So the reasons to ban Weed, is actually the reasons to legalize it. As ending the weed prohibition may have the same effect as the ending of the alcohol prohibition.

Weed should not be regulated, as there is nothing harmful from Weed.

Nobody ever died from an overdose of weed.

Weed being illegal also effect minorities the most; even though they are generally using it less of the time. So this is also a civil rights action.

Police Profiling needs to stop. Police have no right to profile kids or adults. Police also have no right to kill a suspected weed abuser (Police have killed innocent people because of the War on Drugs).

It is time for Ohio to wake up. The War on Drugs is doing more damage than good.

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Sincerely, Brandon Immel

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