Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Stop The Police State

As Representative I will stop the Police State and Martial Law from reaching the 98th District and work with others to help remove it from the state entirely.

The Police State needs to be stopped, as this only causes people to get hurt. Also Martial Law is used by the Governor when he/she declares it, it makes the state ruled under the military rule and this too has to be stopped and under control.

Vote For Me and I will make sure the Police can never do this.

Also if You Vote For Me, I will advise others and make sure that Martial Law Practicing will never happen in the 98th District.

Brandon Immel

P.S. Stopping the Police State and Martial Law is very important. It is important, because these will kill our rights as citizens.

By Stopping the Police State means to repeal the Ohio Patriot Act and to bring ourselves into the great land we use to be. Protesting (Occupying) is a right, and I will fight for our RIGHTS.


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